Harald Koch

A brief biography

I was born in Toronto (The greatest city in the world!), and I've lived there most of my life, excepting a brief stint at boarding school.

I have a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and I pay my mortgage as a software developer. I'm currently a debugger; the customers report bugs, and my team is responsible for fixing them. There's pressure, but it's fun; I get to work on something new every few days, and I work on every part of our product. In the past I've also been a crypto developer, a network engineer, a system administrator, and a GUI programmer (There's a picture of my very first GUI here!).

Outside of work, I play with computers. It's fabulous when your job is something that you love, and you don't get burned out on it. When I'm not playing with computers, I fly kites, curl, play with radios, read science fiction and fantasy, play games, and many other things.

I've been married since 1988 (Yes, 15 years) to a wonderful woman. We have two children: Gareth (1996) and Charlotte (1998). They're currently students at Bayview Glen School, which I only mention because I graduated from the same school back when it was only a preschool :-).

For a couple of years I ran tech at His Majesty's Feast in Toronto. I've always wanted to get back into theatre, but haven't managed to find the time.

I've been programming computers since 1980, and I've had access to the 'net since 1984. Back then I only had a 40x24 display and a 300baud modem; now I have too many computers and a cable modem. I was around before the great renaming, but I gave up on Usenet several years ago. I've been on the Internet full-time since 1994, and I installed my first dedicated server in 2001.

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