Harald's Weight Loss Progress

I'm a geek. So it's obvious that I would track my Weight Watchers progress on my computer. Apparently I'm also an exhibitionist...

In September of 2002, when I started this process, I looked at healthdiscovery.net, which says that my Body Mass Index should be between 20 and 25, and preferably between 20 and 22. That gave me two target weight ranges; 145-165lb, and 145-185lb. If I set an arbitrary (if lofty) goal of 165 pounds, then I needed to loose 51.4 pounds.

I used 50 pounds as a target, under the theory that it would be easier to start with a large goal and stop early, than it would be to start with a small goal and then have to keep going. Well, as of February 2003, I have lost 30 lbs. I have more energy, and I like the way my body looks (and feels) again. I still need to get more exercise, though!

Several people have started telling me that I look great now, and if I lost 20 more pounds I'd be way too skinny. I'm starting to agree; I was painfully skinny when I got married, but my wife managed to bulk me up a bit :-). Now I've returned to the size of clothing I was wearing several years ago, and I'm not sure if I really need to keep going.

On top of that, it's getting harder and harder to take the pounds off. That's normal with weight loss, but I have to evaulate this in the context of the rest of my life, which is pretty stressful. I don't want to be obsessing over every pound. So on the one hand, if I don't take off enough weight now, I won't have any margin for error. On the other hand, if I set my weight goal too low, I won't be happy with the amount of food I can eat to maintain that weight.

So I've booked an appointment with my doctor, and while waiting to see him I've done some more research on the 'net. I found many more web pages, but I liked this set of calculators; it separates information for men and women, and has a bunch of other calculators too. According to them, male ideal BMI is 20.7 to 26.4, or approximately 152lbs - 195lbs, and my "People's choice ideal weight" (the average of the stated ideal weights by men my age and height) is 176 lbs.

My doctor says I can stop now :-). More specifically, he doesn't want to see me below 170. Therefore, my current plan is to finish the current series, and based on where I end up, set a target in the mid-high 170s and do the six weeks of maintenance.

And when all is done, the important thing is that I'm watching what I eat, and making healthy choices That will continue when I reach my goal, regardless of what that goal actually is...

Weight Loss Chart
Maintenance Chart